Accounting and Bookkeeping


  • Capturing and reconciliation of bank accounts, credit cards and petty cash transactions
  • Capturing of sales and credit purchases
  • Reconciling control accounts
  • Update Asset register and depreciation report
  • Prepare and capture monthly journals
  • Prepare Monthly management accounts to measure business’s performance
  • Submission of monthly returns
    • VAT (Monthly, Bi-Monthly, every 6 months or once a year)
    • Bargaining Council
    • Payroll Taxes Returns
    • Submission of UIF Return


  • Compilation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Independent Review of Annual Financial Statements
  • Submission of Tax Return
    • Company Tax Returns
    • Personal Tax Returns
    • Provisional Tax Returns
    • Dividends Tax
    • Tax Clearance Certificates
    • Letter of Good Standing
    • Issuing of Employees Tax Certificates (IRP5 and IT3(a))
    • Payroll declaration (twice a year)
    • Submission of Workman’s Compensation Return (OIC/WCA or RMA)